Help. I Want To Fire My Property Manager and Use Your Company Instead.

Help.  I Want To Fire My Property Manager and Use Your Company Instead.

Whoa Nelly.  Let’s slow down and think this through.  We get this type of call from time to time where the owner is super mad and the property manager they have is a super duper clown show and they want us to take over.  So, let’s take a look at a few points of concern that Property Managers like myself take into consideration when this scenario arises.

1.       Is the property still occupied?

A.      If the answer is NO, we can dig a little deeper into the prospects of working together. 

B.      If the answer is YES, there is a 90% chance we won’t get involved UNTIL it is vacant or 30 days before the current lease ends.  Why you ask? Simply because there are a lot of moving parts and pieces in switching companies.  The other companies lease, the tenants information and hopeful compliance, the keys, the security deposit, the move in details and so on.  Gathering these essential elements can be a rough task especially when there are two parties (owner and company) that are at going at each others throats .  Not to mention the poor tenant.

2.       What’s the Rub?  Why so angry? Can you Hug It Out?

When I hear the story about why the owner is dead set on making the change (especially in the middle of a lease) I do my best to be objective and try to see both sides.  Then, surprisingly, I question the ability for the owner to work it out with the management company and come to a solution where they can work together.   In most of these calls, I urge the owner to take a breath and tap the breaks for a minute.  IF at all possible, it is best to get through the current lease or at least wait until the property is vacant so that a smooth transition can occur.  While riding it out, if possible, again, try to stay where you are and work through the misunderstanding if you can.  That’s what I would prefer if you were one of my clients. Trust me, we all make mistakes and I have had some real Dooseys but I have made things right and ultimately salvaged a few good relationships with clients in this situation over the years.

3.       Are you the Crazy One?

No offense, but sometimes the Owner is the one who is actually getting fired from their Management company.  I have only fired 2 clients in 11 years (there were a couple more that just barely escaped the axe).  In both cases, the owner was just unbearable and neither myself or staff could stand the caller id when they lit up the room.  No amount of money is worth being screamed at or threatened.  If you have been fired by your management company, chances are good that you should simply sell the property or try managing it yourself.  I say this because MOST property management companies run similarly for the most part and the chances of you getting upset with their policies or with their staff or myself are pretty good in most cases.  Save yourself the headache and the drama.  Sell it.  By the way, we sell houses and we can play nice for about 3 months until it closes….lol . 

Best advice on this is to simply wait until it is VACANT and give us a call.

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