How Long do Carpets Usually Last? 

Most carpets that are installed in new construction are what we call a builder grade.  Builder grade carpets have about a 5 to 7 year window of life before they really start to show their traffic patterns and fraying at the seams.   Let’s say the carpets are at the 7 year mark and a toddler spills moms nail polish in the small guest bedroom, we can’t really make them replace the carpet as it was already at the end of its road.  If the same happened on carpets that were brand new, you bet there will be a replacement at the tenants expense.


How about Hardwood Floors?

This is a tricky one.  The floors will last for a very very long time.  However, with real hardwood, there is a need every now and then to refinish them.  Sometimes its after 7 years, sometimes after 10, and sometimes they never get refinished.  The key is to know that people will live there and the life will show up over time on the floors.  When we get together in the home, we will discuss the floors and what to expect with the cost of refinishing.

How about the Laminate?

Newer laminate is getting better every year.  Older laminate is not so good.  The older stuff is just sawdust, glue, and a sticker that looks like real hardwood.  Depending on what you have in your property, we will assess it and give you an idea of how long it will last and plan b if needed.