When it comes to Facebook….Please DON’T Help Us.

We know, this sounds crazy but please don’t help with the marketing.  There are lots and lots of reasons why but here are just a few.

  1. Sad Stories and Rule Breakers:  You will get lots and lots of inquiries from people who want to rent directly from you. Why?  Because they have a sappy story and don’t have the credit or rental history to rent from a management company or they don’t like dealing with a management company for whatever reason (they don’t like rules or have 5 vicious dogs). Either way, both of these types are wasting your time.  You may have a soft spot in your heart but we don’t and that’s exactly why you need us.  Trust us.  Don’t help.
  2. Your Old Friend Who is Broke. You may get a friend who wants to rent your house and they may not qualify with our standards. Then they press you to press us to make an exception.  WE WONT.  Then, you might be sore with us and your friend will be upset with you and you will have no one at your birthday party.  That’s no way to live.
  3. Your New BFF and The Pig.  Let’s say it does work and someone applies, moves in, and wants a new pet pig. We say “heck no”.  Then, they come back to you on facebook and say, they said “heck no” but its for my husband and it’s going to be a support animal and you have to let me have it and if you don’t then i’m gonna call my lawyer.  Wow!  That escalated quickly and now you are smack dab in the middle of a situation that could in fact get sticky.

Please. Please. Please. Please resist the temptation to help us market your property.  We got this ok?