How Will You be Marketing and Advertising My House?

Depending on the time of the year and the market conditions, we may use only a couple or all of these techniques of advertising and marketing to draw attention to your listing.

  1. MLS Input: WE put the home in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and do our best to put it in its best light with reliable information. The little things like room sizes, school zones, garage spaces, pet policies make our listings stand out and help to answer questions the prospect might have. Once the listing is complete it will syndicate to literally thousands of websites and in today’s’ market, they WILL find the house.
  2. PRO PHOTOS: WE get Professional Pictures of the property for the listing and other uses. This can cost upto $150 and we pay for that before you ever pay us a management fee.  Pretty cool huh? Not using a phone for the MLS pics makes a big difference.
  3. VIDEO TOUR: No one does a video tour better than Todd.  They are funny and give people a great look into the whole house including the closets. Also, the tours keep up with how many times they have been viewed which is a good tool for knowing the activity the listing has gotten.  By the way..  Best Todd quote ever “This house has more upgrades than Beyonce”.
  4. FACEBOOK: We use our sister company Realty to advertise the availability of the property to thousands of followers.  Our reach is huge and we have lots and lots of folks who pay attention.
  5. POSTCARDS: Advertising your property to let your neighbors know your house is coming up for rent so they can let their friends know is an awesome approach that we use.

How do we advertise our business?

Great Question.  We market our business on the Radio, School Signage, Sponsorship of Local Sports teams, Facebook, Digitally, and we also have the coolest city bus wrap on the planet….well, actually it finished 3rd in the world in a global design contest….Todd’s work.