Can you use my Home Warranty?

We will discuss the possibility with you but you might have a better plan after we talk.

Can you handle the truth? It’s a bad experience most of the time for all involved.  They are great for selling the home or when you first buy one so that the first year of possession goes ok for the new buyer.  However, when it’s a tenant occupied property, it can get weird.

Here’s Why:


  1. The vendors are not the best in almost all the situations…. especially HVAC vendors (We have stories if you have the time).
  2. Most if not all the vendors (except the appliance guys) are driving in from Nashville and we even had one guy drive from Glasgow, Ky to do a simple garbage disposal assessment/replacement.  (Glasgow, Ky is 4.5 hours round trip.  Does that sound like a good business decision on his part?).  Why don’t vendors in Clarksville work with them?
  3. We have to spend on average about an hour and a half on hold (in some situations) by the time a work order is completed. With only 20 or so of our clients using home warranties, that means that the other 90 percent of our homes are not getting the attention they need and deserve. Most of this time is spent trying to override the vendor selection because we have already ruled that vendor to be a blooming idiot.
  4. Number four doesn’t come to mind right now but again, we don’t want it to be a DEAL KILLER for you but we do want to discuss it with you at length.