Can I leave my Washer and Dryer with the property as an incentive?

N0.  Trust us on this one.  There are two major reasons we don’t keep washers and dryers in properties for the tenants to use.

  1. With the types of homes we manage in the price range we work with, there is almost a 99% chance that the people moving in will have their own washer and dryer. Furthermore, at that point in life they need to go to an appliance store and buy their own shiny units to keep and maintain. In this scenario, that leaves us with what we call a “Laundry Rodeo” which means the owner will have to pay a guy about $50 to $60 to get the units and move them out and into our storage shed (which is full).  After about the first 5 sets in our first year, we decided this was in fact a bad idea.
  2. There is a good case for the fact that if something breaks in the washer or dryer the maintenance would be the owners responsibility and removing that layer of financial liability is paramount.

Can I leave my Lawn Mower and Weedeater?

NO.  Again, we have t-shirts from our experiences with this sort of thing.  If/when it breaks, who pays? If they never use it and it gets dry-rotted and rusty, that could cause heartburn for some.  We know this seems like overkill but we really want to manage houses and not things and we really want to minimize your financial liability as best we can.  Hey, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace will gladly absorb the equipment you no longer have a use for.

Lastly, to reiterate, if it isn’t attached to the structure...Please take it with you, sell it, donate it, make art out of it, or throw it away.