Our Vendors and Why We Use Them:

Occasionally we are asked if we can simply send an owner’s buddy to fix the toilet, stain the deck, etc.  In all most all cases we deny that request and here’s why:

  1. Your buddy may not be licensed and insured with general liability and workman’s compensation policies. This means that if he gets injured, or anyone in the house gets injured, there is a good chance that we as a company and you as an owner will face the music financially when the lawyers get involved.  This is not a good scenario and therefore we avoid it.  Our vendors are vetted to insure they have the proper coverage and licensing.  IF you have a handyman that has the proper licensing and coverage, he can come and get a vendor packet for evaluation.
  2. What if your buddy goes over to the home to do a repair job and the tenant then calls and says her Grandmother’s heirloom ring is missing? That’s a scenario that would be uncomfortable for all involved for the obvious reasons.

Please trust that the vendors we use are awesome.  Also, because of the amount of work we give them, we get priority treatment and better pricing from them.  Our crews show up on time and know how to coordinate with the tenants and furthermore respect the property and process.  I tell folks all the time that “We have kissed all the frogs so you don’t have to!”

What about using our HVAC company?
We get it…..No Worries.  When it comes to HVAC units, we will ask if you have a preference on the vendor because that may be the vendor that installed or has recently repaired the unit.