Who is responsible for the Yard?

The TENANT is responsible for mowing the yard while they are in the lease.

The OWNER is responsible for mowing the yard while it is Vacant.  We have a crew that will maintain this for you during those times.

Who is Responsible for the Bushes and Landscaping?

Because not all tenants are born with a green thumb it just makes sense that they are asked not to touch the landscaping with regard to trimming bushes, pruning trees, roses, etc.  The reason for this is that in the past when we first started, that was a requirement in the lease.  It was a very short time after that we realized it wasn’t the best idea to ask the tenant to work on the landscaping as we had one individual cut down a Crepe Mertyl bush that was very mature.  The bush was in a dormant state and had been pruned and therefore looked dead.  The tenant was so proud to tell me how he did me a favor and “went ahead and cut that down for me”.  Thanks. That was about a $400 replacement and because his heart was right and he was responsible for maintaining the landscape, we couldn’t feel right about charging him.  We paid for it.  All that said, Landscaping can be minimal or very extreme and very expensive and because of that, we rely on pros to handle that every couple of years or to your liking in the Preventative Maintenance plan we put together.