What is the Management Fee?
Our management fee is ten percent of the monthly rent collected.

Are there any set up fees?
NO. We simply don’t believe in set up fees or unicorns.  Heck we are happy to be setting you up in our system so it kinda feels like we should pay you for that joy. (We won’t though).

Is There an Advertising Fee?

NO.  Because that’s dumb.  How on earth would we get the place rented without telling some folks?  Seems unfair to ask you to foot the bill for us to do a critical step in the process. Also, when we do advertise (say using an awesome post card to your neighbors), what if they use us?  Shouldn’t we be paying you for that success?  (We probably won’t). Want to know more about our FREE marketing?

Do you charge fees while the property is vacant?
NO. That’s not cool. We sometimes work the hardest when its vacant. Since you don’t get a rent check and we don’t get a management fee, it would seem we both have a burning desire to get it rented.  Think of it as motivation.

Do you mark up vendor invoices?

NO.  Seems unfair to us to add a fee or percentage on top of something that we didn’t do.  We do coordinate the transaction but we kind of see that as something you pay us to do in our Management fee. That Ok?

Is there an inspection fee?

NO.  Again, not cool.  You can learn more about our inspection process and frequency here but meanwhile just know that we don’t charge for going to the property. Again, that seems like something we will do as part of the overall management fee.

So Far So Good?  Want to talk?  Give us a call or fill out the form below and we will be in touch.  Otherwise, keep on learning about what makes us your Property Manager.