Flooring 101

Wear and Tear

How Long do Carpets Usually Last?  Most carpets that are installed in new construction are what we call a builder grade.  Builder grade carpets have about a 5 to 7 year window of life before they really start to show their traffic patterns and fraying at the seams.   Let’s say the carpets are at the […]

Rental Property and Interior Paint- Know This.

Wear and Tear

A Few Things About The Paint On The Walls   How Long will Fresh Paint Last? In our experience, we have seen the need for paint come up after 4 to six years or two tenant cycles depending on the size of the house, type of paint that’s there, and occupants. For example:  A four […]

Tenants and Painting-Picasso Has Entered The Property

Wear and Tear

Do you allow the tenants to paint? Absolutely!!! Wink! Wink!  But keep in mind it has to be returned as a neutral color with NO paint on the ceilings, light switches, outlets, baseboards, or carpet/flooring. If the artistry isn’t that great on the move out, we will have our picasso crew go and tidy up […]

Wear and Tear - Not Normal But True

Owner Learning Center, Wear and Tear

A few Examples of NOT NORMAL Wear and Tear? WE get this question a lot. First let’s examine a few things that fall into the category of NOT NORMAL wear and tear are as follows: Fist sized hole in door or wall. Yep, that door was calling you names and well…   Using a pen […]

Repairs and Money- What You Need to Know.

Maintenance, Money-How the Rent Works, Owner Learning Center

How much money do I need in case of a major repair? Depending on the age of the home and the size of the home, you will need to have some cash on hand or access to credit.  How much you will need is something we can assess more clearly when we meet up or […]

Inspections-Why We Visit the Property

Maintenance, Owner Learning Center

Inspections: Do we visit the property? Yep. We do in fact visit the home approximately six months after the tenant moves in and thereafter if need be.  We will discuss frequency with you when you are ready to talk. What all is involved with the inspection? Our goal is to give you an update on […]

Why the Strict Cleaning Guidelines?

Owner Learning Center, Wear and Tear

Our Move Out Checklist Is The Same for Owners and Tenants. Just as in selling the home, renting the home requires a bit of elbow grease, money or both. Too many times home owners just assume they can move their stuff out, vacuum, sweep, and wipe down the surfaces. This is flawed and potentially costly […]

How Do You Conduct Walk Throughs?

Owner Learning Center, Wear and Tear

In the old days, landlords and property managers took pictures of various imperfections and filled out cumbersome forms for everyone to sign off on.  Then after the lease was completed and a move out walk through was complete, everyone had to rely on documentation, a few photos, and a good memory of what the house […]

What is Normal Wear and Tear?

General, Owner Learning Center

After you have cleaned your house and understand why you have cleaned your house in preparing for the rental market. Examine the property for the wear and tear you and or your family’s time in the house has caused. Carpets: Were the carpets new when you bought the home? Most carpets have about a five […]